Replace Drivers License

In the state of Florida, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles manages replacement drivers license requests for U.S. citizens, immigrants and others who have lost their license cards or experienced a theft. Each driver has several options for ordering a replacement REAL ID driver’s license card:


Make an Online Request

The FLDHSMV offers a convenient online Virtual Office where a driver can make this and other motor vehicle-related requests. On the page, the driver must acknowledge the Driver Privacy Protection Act Warning section by checking the “I Agree” statement. Once finished, they then simply click the “Continue” button. On the following pages, the driver must then supply their last name, birth date, and other identifying information so that the system can locate their records. The system then provides clear on-screen prompts to complete the replacement request.


Visit a License Location

If a driver needs their license replaced as quickly as possible, the best method is to go in-person to an approved driver’s license office. To find an office, go to the FLDHSMV’s Locations page, select a county and then review the local options. It is important that the driver bring along proof of their identification and address. Drivers can find links to their specific status as a U.S. citizen, immigrant or non-immigrant at the bottom of the FLDHSMV’s What to Bring page. To see a list of the required documents, click the status name. The driver must also pay a replacement fee at the time of the request unless they can prove with a valid, official copy of a police report that someone stole their license. To see the most recent fee information, visit the FLDHSMV Fees page. As of 2018, there is a $25 fee for replacing a REAL-ID driver’s license card.


Out-of-State Replacement Considerations

A non-commercial driver located out-of-state can ask for their replacement card by USPS mail service. They can always ask for a free temporary permit instead until they can pick up their replacement license card at a local driver’s license office when they return home. A temporary permit allows them to drive without their REAL-ID license for 90 days. The FLDHSMV requires that an out-of-state driver update their record with their temporary out-of-state address when making either request. A driver can submit their order online via the Virtual Office portal or email using the FLDHSMV’s Email Response Form. They can also call (850) 617-2000 or send a request letter via postal mail to the Bureau of Records at 2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 92, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0575.


Important Final Notes

A Florida driver making a request via the Virtual Office portal is also responsible for paying a $2.00 convenience fee at the end of the transaction in addition to a driver’s license card replacement fee, if applicable. If a driver has changed their name and needs to replace their license, they must make certain that the Social Security Administration has updated its records before submitting their request to the FLDHSMV. The driver must also provide the FLDHSMV with an original or certified document that acts as official evidence of a name change, such as a marriage license, court order or divorce decree. A marriage certificate issued by any type of church isn’t considered valid proof of a name change. If an immigrant or a non-immigrant driver has changed their name, their USCIS documents must show the new name. Non-immigrants can only make replacement license requests in-person at driver license locations. Finally, the FLDHSMV doesn’t keep the identity and name change documents. Instead, the paperwork is scanned and then stored securely in an electronic format.