Transfer Vehicle Title


What is Important to Know About Vehicle Title Transfers in Florida

In the state of Florida, a car’s title is considered proof of ownership. When a resident purchases or obtains a vehicle, it is necessary for them to have the vehicle’s title put in their name. Should a person purchase a vehicle from a dealership; they usually have an easy process. The dealership will usually take care of all the necessary paperwork. When a person purchases a vehicle from a private seller, there are documents involved and a process that needs to be followed to have a legal car title transfer.


Important Steps

Specific steps are involved with a proper car title transfer. There is a transfer section on the back of a vehicle’s title. This must be completed and filled in with all the correct information. A person should obtain an Application for Certificate of Title. This can come with or without registration and must be completed. There is also an Affidavit of Insurance that must be completed.



Certain fees must be paid with a title transfer. This is a vehicle transfer requirement. Should someone not have a license plate they can transfer to the vehicle; they will have to pay a license plate fee of $225. A registration fee will be based on the type of vehicle. This could be up to $70 or more. An electronic title will cost $72.25. Should someone want a paper copy of their title, they will have to pay $77.75. There will also be a charge of $2.00 for each lien that has been placed on the vehicle.



There are some common mistakes people make during the process of transferring a title. A seller must provide the buyer with a lien satisfaction document. If this is not provided during the title transfer process, the buyer will be required to pay any liens on the vehicle. A seller should provide a bill of sale. This is not a requirement of the DMV. It is still highly recommended buyers to provide a notarized bill of sale to the seller. This will validate the sale and avoid any problems with ownership in the future.


Inherited Or Gift Vehicles

When a person gives a vehicle as a gift; the title transfer process is identical to when someone is selling or buying one. Someone wanting to transfer a title in this situation will need to perform the same steps. When a person inherits a vehicle; the process is also very much the same. There are a couple of additional steps a person must follow. With the transfer title documents and fees; a person must also provide a copy of a will or other legal document proving the vehicle has been inherited by them. A copy of the previous owner’s death certificate will also be required. All this information must be provided to the country tax collector’s office in the county where a person resides. This must be done prior to having legal ownership of the vehicle.


Out-of-State Vehicle

Should someone want to transfer a vehicle title from another state; there are additional steps involved. When going to the DMV office, they will need proof of car insurance. They must show their driver’s license as well as a birth certificate or social security card. They must also present the out-of-state title. Form HSMV 82042 must be completed and presented for VIN number identification. They must also have the form for an application for a certificate of title with or without registration.

Should someone be moving into Florida, buying a privately owned vehicle in Florida or from another state, a vehicle title transfer is required. This could also be necessary if a person has gotten married or legally changed their name and more. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has designed a vehicle title transfer process that is easy to follow.