Vehicle Registration Renewal

Vehicle registration renewal is a process that you will have to go through if you live in the state of Florida, and you own a vehicle in the state. The frequency at which you renew your registration depends on the length of registration that you purchased the previous time. If you choose a one-year registration, you will have to renew within one year from when you registered. Florida is a state that uses the vehicle owner’s birth date to determine registration issues. Therefore, the due date for your vehicle registration renewal will fall on your birthday. It will be easier for you to keep track of the repayment date like that. Many people prefer that system of expiration.

What You Need to Renew Your Florida Registration

You’ll need just a few things to renew your Florida vehicle registration. You will need to have proof of continued insurance. The state wants to know that you at least carry the minimum amount of liability insurance that it requires by law. Another thing that you will need to have is the information about your license plate if you’re going to renew your registration online. The last thing you’ll need is the money to pay for it. You can pay by your credit card, check, debit card or cash depending on which method you use to make such a payment.

You can use a third-party site to process your renewal, as well. The problem with third-parties sites is that they sometimes charge an additional fee. They may not even get your registration to you faster than the DHSMV will, but you may still have to pay a high fee.


Three Ways to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

You have at least three options for renewing your vehicle registration. You could renew it by mail by sending a check or money order to the authority that sends you the renewal notice. You will most likely receive a renewal notice in the mail as a courtesy. This notice will already have your information on it, so all you have to do is put your check or money order in the envelope and mail it out.

Another option that you have is to process your renewal online. You can go to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. You will answer a few questions about yourself and your car, and then you will pay for the registration. Once the state processes your payment, you will receive a new registration form and decal in the mail. make sure you give yourself ample time so that you don’t get stuck without a new decal while you wait for your new registration. You don’t want to get a ticket for not having that information available. A good rule-of-thumb procedure is to request your renewal at least 10 business days in advance.

The final way that you can renew your registration is, of course, by doing it in person. You will need to visit a nearby DHSMV branch with the appropriate documents and process your renewal there. The benefit of that is that you will have your documents in your hands the same day.


Where to Register Your Registration

You can find a list of DMV offices if you use a tool like the one on the Florida High Safety and Motor Vehicles website. Once you find the one that is closest and most convenient, you can visit and then start processing your paperwork. Place the decal on the license plate to reflect your new expiration date, and then you will be finished until next time.