What You Need to Know About The REAL ID In Florida

The REAL ID Act became effective nationwide several years ago. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has had to renew their license and gotten one of these yet. Because of that, many people may not the REAL ID process or many other aspects related to the new form of ID. Even since the new REAL ID bill was announced, many people have weighed up a REAL ID vs ID and whether or not they would be beneficial to switch. The resulting lack of information on many peoples’ parts has led to a lot of confusion about how the legal change affects the daily lives of ordinary people.

For example, many people were initially curious about how traveling with a REAL ID would change. There has also been a significant amount of people who have questioned the benefits of REAL ID on several occasions. However, there are quite a few reasons why the change was instituted. The change has had minimal effects on people overall. For example, a REAL ID is a more secure way of monitoring and issuing driver’s licenses, and other government-approved identifications. Many of the improvements added to the card were in the interest of public safety and fighting terrorism. It’s also been shown to help to significantly reduce the likeliness of identity fraud, which is one of the more significant benefits of REAL ID.

Because of that, many people may believe that there’s a significant difference between applying for more traditional IDs and the REAL ID process. However, there’s hasn’t been any significant change to the application procedure; as a result, you should still be able to apply for the ID the same way you applied for your older ones. This should help to clear up much of the confusion that many people may be having. Having said that, one of the only core differences is that you’re now only allowed to apply for a REAL ID license once through a convenience method, such as mail or online. After this, you must continue to reapply in a driver license office. Lastly, many people may wonder whether or not they can hold both a REAL ID driver license and a REAL ID identification card in the future.

This is, unfortunately, a no, and you’ll only be able to have one. If you currently hold both, it should be noted that one of these will be canceled the next time it comes to renewing them. In some cases, you may have the option of choosing which one to cancel, although in the majority of cases this may be out of your hands. It should also be noted, that you can apply for a REAL ID or a Class E license can be renewed up to 18 months before the card’s expiration date. With that in mind, you shouldn’t need to wait until your ID, or your license expires before you go through the REAL ID process and begin the renewal process on either of these documents. With how important they are, it’s worth doing so before this expiration date.